Kindergarten in Sofia „Sunny Face“


in Sofia
„Sunny Smile“

Dear parents,

we’ve created Kindergarten „Sunny Smile“ with a lot of love and passion. Our main goal is to provide for your children great care, peace of mind and knowledge. Our kindergarten in Sofia offers whole day activities in small groups of 6-8 children.

All cultures and nationalities are welcome. We speak your language ( English, Russian, German )

With the help of our specialist your children will integrate into the groups and their new home.

About the Kindergarten:

The 3 store building has a built-in heating system ( ТЕЦ ). The building itself is located in a quiet area, close to Vitosha Mountain. Three spacious game and activity rooms, four bedrooms, a medical room, sports room and green backyard will provide the necessary comfort for your child. Please, take a look at the gallery for more information about the interior and the exterior of the kindergarten.

Working time : Monday to Friday – 7:00am to 18:00 pm.




The educational process is organized by a program, coordinated and given for approval from „MON“ ( the Ministry of Education and Science ).



The adaptation of the child into the new environment is very individual. Every kid copes differently with the organized daily programme, the new people and the new place. If it’s needed – in the beginning – the little guy can visit the kindergarten few days with his parent. It is desirable this method to be practiced for no longer than 7 days.



We share the belief that the eating of the child is the most important process for its development. That’s why we’ve focused on it.

4 meals are provided through the whole day. The food is delivered by „Detska Kuhnq (Kinder Kitchen)“. Every month a specialist is preparing the food-program. „Detska Kuhnq“ is also offering a BIO MENU which is available for some extra cost.




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As long as there are any free places – the acceptance for the kindergarten is open through the whole year.

The kids are divided in 3 groups, based on their age.

1 group: 2 to 3 years old

2 group: 3 to 5 years old

3 group: 5 years old – the activities are based on preparation for the school


In order your child to be accepted in the kindergarten you’ll need the following documents:

  • Personal Health Book
  • Copy of the immunisation passport
  • Result from a fecal probe
  • Medical note from the personal doctor, notifying that the kid wasn’t in a contact with any patient suffering from an infectious disease
  • Blood picture
  • Urine test
  • „Wassermann Test“ of one of the parents – if the child wasn’t in any kindergarten before




Registration form for the kindergarten

  • Eg.: Frank Smith
  • name, small name, nickname, etc.
  • drawing, dancing, singing, etc.
  • the name of the parent, who'll be leading and picking up the child



The monthly fee is 500lv. There’s a10% discount for payment for 12 months in advance. If your second child is in the same kindergarten – there’s an extra 50lv. discount per month.



There’s a transport service that we offer for an extra 5 to 12lv. per day ( two directions, the cost depends on the distance ). It’s a brand-new mini-bus, equipped with safety belts for every seat and AC.


One day in
„Sunny Smile“


7,00– 8,30 – welcoming of the children

8,30 – 9,00 – morning gymnastics

9,00 – 9,30 – breakfast

9,30 – 11,30 – studying

11,30 – 12,30 – games ( outdoor or indoor )

12,30 – 13,00 – lunch

13,00 – 15,00 – afternoon nap

15,15 – 15,30 – afternoon breakfast

15,30 – 17,00 – games, activities, theater, drawing, reading and many more

17,00 – 18,00 – waiting for the parents







address : Montevideo Str. 6, jk. Ovcha Kupel, Sofia, Bulgaria

tel.: 0359 884 156 006